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Our truck driving school is different than all the others in Oklahoma. Our streamlined process has been proven to help you succeed with its 9 out of 10 student pass rate.
CDL University offers American truck training done right. Leave us a message to learn more about our trucking school. It’s the cheapest way to get your CDL in Oklahoma.

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CDL University's American truck training offers you the best solution to a better life.

We Offer Efficient Training, Ample Drive Time and Reliable Coursework

CDL University’s training helps Oklahoma students by providing a 4-week course taught by a dynamic and highly professional team. CDL University is the original home of small class sizes for Class A CDL training. It never puts more than 5 students in a class. This gives YOU a better chance of earning your Commercial Driver’s License.

CDL University understands that in order to learn how to drive a truck, you have to physically drive a tractor trailer. With new locations coming soon, its local CDL schools have streamlined its process for your success in the trucking industry.

Our Truck Driving School Helps You Pass Your Commercial Driver’s License Test

The majority of truck drivers that are just venturing into the truck driving industry to start their career do not have a truck yet.

Nevertheless, for you to take a commercial driver’s license test, you need a truck.

Fortunately, when you enroll in CDL University’s truck driving school in Oklahoma, we will provide you with a vehicle that you can use for your CDL test.

In addition to providing you with a truck, our staff will give you all the support you need to pass your CDL test.

By getting all the things you need to pass your test, you will be able to earn your commercial driver’s license quickly and without stress. Check out our truck driving school blog

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