80-year-old Oklahoman Checks Off a Bucket List Item

CDL University is well-practiced in turning dreams into realities for Oklahomans with its commercial driver’s license training.

Monday morning, CDL University instructors and staff prepared for an extra special student to arrive who had big dreams of driving an 18-wheeler.

While preparing to leave, CDL University’s Darin Miller grabbed a white and maroon hat that read “CDL” from his office shelf and smiled.

“Today,” he thought. “We get to help a nearly 80-year old woman from Norman check a big item off her bucket list.”

Doris Randolph, who will turn 80 on December 2, says driving a semi-truck has been a dream of hers for decades.

CDL University instructor, Cindy Beeler showing Doris Randolph how to shift gears.

When Randolph’s co-workers at The Clifford Family Dentistry heard about her bucket list item, they decided to help her check it off before her upcoming birthday.

When Miller was contacted about Randolph’s dream, he immediately agreed to help with excitement.

As Dr. Nick Clifford, owner of the dental office drove Randolph into the city that cold morning, she said she had no guesses to where they were heading.

When Randolph and Clifford arrived at CDL University’s driving yards, her jaw dropped.

The Clifford Family Dentistry employees and CDL University had successfully surprised her with a big, red semi-truck and her very own CDL instructor, Cindy Beeler.


When asked what she thought was going on, she replied, “I had no idea. I kept asking where we were going, and they told me to wear something comfy. They keep secrets good!”

For an hour, Beeler instructed Randolph how to brake, shift gears, operate the vehicle safely in third gear, and of course, honk the air horn.

With just a couple of laps around CDL University’s driving yard, Randolph was driving smoothly with her co-workers buckled up in the back of the cab.

“It was easier than I thought,” Randolph said with a smile.

Oklahoman Commercial Driving School
Doris Randolph behind the wheel of a CDL University semi-truck.

At the end of her driving lesson, everyone huddled around Darin Miller as he read a letter to Randolph who was sitting in the cab of the semi-truck.

The letter from CDL University commended her nerves of steel, her A+ driving skills and told her that she will forever be a part of the CDL University Family.

Oklahomans, Cindy, Doris and Darin in CDL University's driving yard.
CDL University instructor, Cindy Beeler and Darin Miller huddle around Doris Randolph while she rocks her new “CDL” hat.

If you’re an Oklahoman, let CDL University help your dreams of driving an 18-wheeler to become a reality and join the family. Come visit with our enrollment specialists at 2120 S. Prospect Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.

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