A Prosperous Future Awaits You and Your New Class A License

The process of earning a Class A Commercial License may seem daunting when you don’t have the facts.

At CDL University, our staff has been helping people understand the ins and outs of the commercial driver’s license earning process. 

Every day, CDL University has a handful of Oklahomans attend their 35-minute informational sessions. 

In these sessions, they are informed of all requirements the Department of Public Safety needs if they’re to earn a CDL.

These informational sessions are behind a closed door where the room is thoroughly sanitized every hour. 

Most sessions are given with no more than two people in the room to ensure the safety of its guests.

Choose CDL University for Your Class A Commercial License Training

Getting all of the facts on earning a CDL is just the first step.

Oklahomans need to attend CDL training to ensure their success in the trucking industry. 

Not all truck driving schools are the same.

At CDL University, the staff has streamlined the CDL learning process. 

This streamlining has helped CDL University lower its CDL classes cost. 

In fact, CDL University offers the cheapest 160-hour training in the state of Oklahoma. 

The 160-hours of training equates to 6-months experience. This is crucial for its students to land a higher-paying career right after graduation. 

CDL University begins a new class every Monday. It never allows more than 5 students in a class. 

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This helps its students have more time behind the wheel while in their 4 weeks of training. 

CDL University’s competitors like to stick 20+ people in a class and expect them to pass the test.

How can one pass a driving test they haven’t had adequate time practicing for? 

Simple answer, they can’t. CDL University’s competitors have students who have to take the test five to seven times before they earn their CDL. 

That adds at least a month to their unemployment time. 

CDL University’s Darin Miller believes that is most unhelpful to those looking for a new career.

“We are in the people-helping business,” Miller continued. “If we can’t help you earn your Class A License on your first or second try, we would need to rework our training program.”

CDL University’s goal is to help you learn and earn your CDL as quickly and safely as possible so you can go to work faster. 

How to Enroll in CDL University’s CDL Training 

To enroll at CDL University, stop by anytime Monday – Friday between 8am-5pm. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call the enrollment office at 405-702-4333.

CDL University

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