Learn About CDL University’s Trucking School

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As the Premier Trucking School in Oklahoma, CDL University Invests in Quality Truck Driver Training Solutions. It Aims of Creating an Elite Group of Commercially Licensed Drivers. You May Qualify for Free Class A CDL Training in Oklahoma.

CDL University is your leading CDL school in Oklahoma City.

CDL University’s mission is to produce highly skilled truck drivers on our local and national roads. We’ve developed a world-class training course that every student who enrolls with us can benefit from.

Our highly experienced and expert instructors are patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They offer every student the tools and the knowledge they need to succeed as a major carrier. We have assisted hundreds of students with the successful completion of their commercial driver’s license.

Attending a truck driving school gives you a better chance at passing the CDL test. Attending CDL University gives you a better chance at passing the test and starting a lucrative career driving a truck.

We prepare our students with the skills and the confidence they need to surpass their future employers’ expectations. Our instructors and staff have more than 40 years of experience in the truck driving training field.

Trucking companies recognize the quality of our program and the exceptional tractor trailer driving services our truck driving students bring to the workforce.

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Offering premium truck driver training, students have the chance to access precision technologies and advanced equipment including our use of simulators.

Our reviews say it all. We ensure you are provided the latest technology to obtain your commercial license to help you join the trucking industry.

Driving simulators are used for new students that are nervous about getting behind the wheel of a semi-truck. Simulations include driving in bad weather conditions to develop skills, safety knowledge and rapid responses in dangerous road circumstances.

At CDL University, we do not believe in large and overcrowded classes. Our small class sizes enable students to have ample drive time. We offer 20 classes at 8 hours a session. Our instructors offer a personalized approach to training with one-on-one time.

Scholarships for CDL training

Our enrollment specialists will help you see if you qualify for scholarships or grants that can cover the cost of your CDL training.

We take pride in our ability to offer Native American Funding to our qualifying students. Students can rest assured their commercial licensing needs are met with access to qualifying financial aid and job placement assistance.

CDL University is the very best truck driving school in Oklahoma and beyond. Each student who enters our doors can rest assured they are receiving a high standard of training.

Graduates of CDL University have the very best trucking education giving them an upper hand when searching for truck driving jobs. If you’re interested in earning your CDL, call us. You may qualify for paid CDL training.