Advantages of Working as a Local Truck Driver

There are several advantages to choosing to work as a local truck driver with a commercial driver’s license

Now, it is recommended that you begin your professional trucking career with a proper CDL training program. Proper CDL training helps you have a successful career in the commercial driving industry.

Benefits of Working As a Local Truck Driver

The first benefit that you reap is more family time. Most local truck drivers get done with the work by nighttime. This gives them the opportunity to go back home and spend time with their families.

In contrast, if you were working an Over-The-Road (OTR) job, you would have week-long drives that could make you travel from coast to coast. Spending weeks away from family is not something everyone can compromise on, and as a local truck driver, you do not have to go through this hassle.

However, if traveling is on the top of your priority list, CDL University has great working relationships with all of the major carriers. We help you get connected with the right people.

Benefits of working as a local truck driver text on road graphic

Another advantage is getting an off on the weekends. Although it depends on the company you work for, a majority of these companies give their drivers the weekend off. 

This way, you have the flexibility to get the break you need after a tiring week and plan things with your friends and family.

Working as a local truck driver provides you with the opportunity to plan your week. It also gives you chances to manage your physical and mental health. Our blog post, Truck Stop Activities for Healthy Trucking Lifestyles, is a great resource to learn how you can manage your health as a local or over-the-road truck driver.

As the schedules are fixed, you know exactly when you’ll get done, which helps you decide your action plan.

Many of the current over-the-road and local truck drivers are reaching retirement age. It is a difficult task for trucking companies to replace them and close the gap. 

This opens a great opportunity for those looking to join the trucking industry. Trucking companies are paying more money than ever before for certified, safe drivers. 

Local Driver Opportunities

A class A CDL offers many varied career opportunities. After you’ve had ample driving experience through CDL University’s CDL training, you can work full time as any of the following job descriptions with endorsements.

  • Local and tour bus driver
  • Garbage worker
  • School bus driver
  • Fire truck driver
  • Dispatcher
  • Box truck driver for home deliveries
  • CDL truck driver

And many other jobs in Oklahoma City with a clean driving record.

If you do not have a clean driving record, CDL University’s defensive driving course helps remove points from your record. 

Lastly, being a local truck driver does not mean you have to remain one for the rest of your life; you can pick a particular period you want to become a truck driver and leave once you have achieved your targets or goals.

CDL Training in Oklahoma has never been better with CDL University. Become a safe, professional truck driver with CDL University’s CDL training programs. 

Our instructors teach you how to safely operate a semi-truck aka tractor-trailer, not just how to pass your CDL test. 

Come see us and learn more about our programs at 2120 S Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.