American Truck Training OKC Done Right

In this COVID-19 pandemic, American truck training in OKC done right makes it easier for Americans to land lucrative careers in the trucking industry. 

CDL University’s CDL class begins with world-class instructors, training and facilities. 

According to graduation rates, CDL University has shown to be America’s best truck driving school. 

In fact, in its early stages, CDL University’s training was looked at with a fine-tooth comb. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles had never seen any truck driving school have 9 out of 10 students pass their commercial driver’s license test

After a staff member of the DMV came out to learn more about CDL University’s CDL training procedures, its pass rate was no longer questioned. 

Put simply, CDL University’s American truck training staff put the students first.

“We cannot expect students to pass their tests if they aren’t getting enough time behind the wheel,” CDL University’s owner Darin Miller said. 

“By never allowing more than 5 students to an instructor,” Miller continued. “Students are getting 4 to 5 times more practice behind the wheel of the tractor-trailer compared to our competitors.”

The increase in drive time has given many Americans the chance to truly learn how to become a successful truck driver, not just learn how to pass a test. 

CDL University’s staff know that its students aren’t just training to earn their commercial driver’s license. 

“Our students are training to learn the skills necessary to land a lucrative career in the transportation industry,” Director of Admissions, Jennifer Johnson said. “We do American truck training in OKC right!”

Upon graduating with their CDLs, students sit down with CDL University’s staff to view their career options as a new truck driver. 

Most of CDL University’s graduates land higher-paying jobs within two weeks of graduation. 

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According to graduate feedback, it is common for graduates to earn $60,000+/year salaries with their first employer. 

Start learning how to become a safe and successful truck driver with CDL University’s premier Online CDL Training from the comfort of your own home.

Classes are currently filling quickly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. To secure your seat in the upcoming class, you must schedule an enrollment appointment

Classes are on a first come first serve basis. For help passing your commercial learner’s permit and begin your CDL training, begin here

CDL University’s commercial learner’s permit course teaches you everything you need to know to pass the General Knowledge Test, the Air Brakes Test, and the Combination Vehicle Test. 

The course includes over 5 hours of live CDL University classroom footage, on-screen answers to common test questions, required readings and practice tests.

If you are interested in becoming a successful truck driver, schedule your free information appointment by calling 405-702-4333.