America’s Top CDL Schooling by Graduation Rate

When someone attends a CDL schooling, they’re expecting to graduate with their commercial driver’s license. 

At CDL University, graduates are earning a lot more than their CDL. 

They are also landing high-paying careers in the transportation industry. 

We had several graduates reach out to us on our Facebook page letting us know how they’ve been during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

“Been with this company for a month and picked up my truck last night, CDL University graduate Clayton Russell continued. “If it wasn’t for CDL University, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. It’s a pleasure talking with them and becoming a family. Thank y’all.”

That’s just it too, CDL University students become like family. 

“Just read our reviews,” CDL University’s owner, Darin Miller said. “The thing you read over and over, is that we here at CDL University care. We care about the investment you’ve made in yourself and your success in this industry.”

Graduates of CDL University’s truck driving school find long-term success in their careers as professional truck drivers. 

Our 160-hour CDL Schooling program streamlines the CDL learning process.

Most CDL University graduates had little to no experience driving a large, commercial vehicle before enrolling.

“Almost 2 years into my CDL,” CDL University graduate Heather Detrick continued. “Started off hauling rock and water, now OTR ‘over-the-road’ for over a year. Lovin’ it! Thank you, CDL University!!!”

A big misconception about being a professional truck driver is that they are never home, which is just simply untrue. 

Many of our graduates report that they are home every night and weekends with their families. 

Even graduates that work with large, over-the-road companies report that they get extra time off after a long drive. 

Earning your commercial driver’s license with help from professional training helps companies know you’re serious about your career. 

That golden driver’s license will open a wide variety of doors for you. 

“I got offered a corporate job with Love’s,” CDL University graduate Braden Jarvis wrote in a comment to a fellow graduate. “Still involved with trucking, just from the office now. Stay safe out there!

Our CDL training school has helped hundreds of Oklahomans start their careers off right in the trucking industry. 

Your CDL school in Oklahoma or wherever you are matters. 

Trucking companies will only hire you if you know how to operate a tractor-trailer, semi-truck safely. 

In your orientation with them, your training will be put to the test. 

If you want a truck driving job that will turn into a career, get American truck training done right. 

At CDL University, 9 out of 10 of our students earn their CDL. Many students pass the CDL test on their first attempt!

Such an amazing pass rate had never been seen before at the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles in Oklahoma City. 

In fact, an employee from the DMV came to CDL University to see how our instructors were able to help so many people be successful in obtaining their CDLs. 

Our CDL Schooling is second to none. Just read our reviews. You will read and hear why!

We’d love to help you be successful in your new career as a professional truck driver. 

Calls and messages from our website will come directly to us. Let’s get connected and see how we can start you on this path to a better life. 

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