Attending Oklahoma Truck Training to Obtain Your CDL

Attending an Oklahoma truck training certified program to obtain your Commercial Driver’s License is now required by law. 

CDL University’s Class A program teaches you everything you need to know to be a safe truck driver. 

Safe driving is the most crucial part of passing the truck driving test. Furthermore, a truck driver must stay behind the wheel for hours, be responsible, and have organizational ability. 

Confirmation of these abilities via a truck driving test is essential. In Oklahoma, a trucking job requires applicants to take the Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test.

Oklahoma truck training with truck driver on red background

After passing the truck driving tests, the Department of Public Safety will issue a Commercial Driver’s License to you. The permission is your authorization to work as a commercial truck driver in the state legally. 

Though the tests may appear simple, you need much practice to pass them. Attending CDL University’s 160-hour professional truck driver school will greatly increase your odds of success. It is the best way to prepare for your truck driving test.

Oklahoma Truck Training & the Class “A” Driver’s License

Are you interested in achieving a professional trucking career? Your first step to achieving the goal in Oklahoma should be to get the Class A Driver’s License. Oklahoma provides this class of license to individuals who have passed the CDL test.

The class A CDL allows you to lawfully operate a combination vehicle. The vehicles’ total gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) should be 26,001 pounds or more. Besides, the pulled vehicle or trailer should have at least 10,001 pounds as its GVWR.

The CDL test in Oklahoma depends on the class of the license. First, you must earn your commercial learner’s permit. You can print your CDL permit at any tag office you choose. You will have to visit the Oklahoma Department of Public (DPS) Safety another day if you fail the examination.

CDL Test for Class “A” License

The general knowledge assessment tests truck drivers on driving techniques, hazard perception, state regulations, and other aspects. It comprises 50 questions that you must complete within an hour. The truck driving test questions are from the Oklahoma CDL manual. Its minimum pass rate is 80%.

You need to read the manual in preparation for the examination thoroughly. It would be best if you take practice tests too. They will give you insights into how the DPS uses the information contained in the manual for the actual assessment. Besides, practice tests will increase your chances of passing the truck driving test.

You can pass the General Knowledge Test on the first sitting if you are well prepared for it. That means you are likely to get all your paperwork the same day if they are in order. However, if you wrongly answer more than ten questions, you must retake the test.

If the documents you provided aren’t in order, you won’t get the paperwork the same day you passed the test. You must prove that you are physically fit to drive commercial trucks in the state and other documents. You can obtain proof from a licensed medical examiner. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry lists experts that issue the certificate.

Most importantly, you must come to the examination station with your test vehicle. The skills test consists of three parts: 

– Pre-trip Inspection- It involves assessing your commercial vehicle to determine if it is road-worthy.

– Basic Vehicle Controls Test- It consists of different off-road maneuvers, testing your ability to drive a commercial vehicle.

– Road Skills Tests- It assesses your ability to operate a commercial vehicle under various traffic situations on public roads.

CDL Requirements in Oklahoma

No one can lawfully drive commercial vehicles in Oklahoma without authorization. You will need to attend Oklahoma truck training and earn a commercial driver’s license to work as a truck driver for a trucking company. You must satisfy the following requirements to get a CDL in Oklahoma.

Age Requirements:

– A truck driver must be 21 years and over to transport hazardous materials or drive commercial vehicles to other states.

– You must be 18 years old to drive a commercial vehicle within the state.

Documentation Requirements:

You will have to submit the following documents for identification during the Oklahoma truck training enrollment and CDL application process. U.S Citizens will provide:

– Valid and current U.S passport

– Copy of a birth certificate

– Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), if applicable.

– Certificate of Citizenship

– Certificate of Naturalization

In addition, the birth certificate should be filed with the State Office of Vital Statistics in the applicant’s state of birth. The U.S Department of State issues reports deliveries outside the country. Likewise, the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues the proof of citizenship and naturalization. However, requirements for lawful permanent residents are:

– Valid permanent resident card

– Proof of residency in Oklahoma

– An Oklahoma driver’s license or one from another state if an applicant is transferring to Oklahoma.

– DOT medical card if the applicant will use a commercial vehicle for interstate commerce.

Oklahoma Truck Training Conclusion

Practice tests and Oklahoma truck training will help you pass your truck driving test and obtain your license. It will help you to scale through the skills test. Besides passing the CDL assessment, you need to drive specialty vehicles safely.

Furthermore, driving a semi-truck in Oklahoma truck training to improve your driving skills and equip yourself with more knowledge is essential.

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Moreover, to enroll in CDL University’s truck driving classes, visit 2120 S. Prospect Avenue in Oklahoma City.