Become a Professional Truck Driver and Start 2021 Off Right

Every professional truck driver has been experiencing job stability through this global pandemic. 

Unfortunately, people in other professions can’t say they’ve experienced the same thing.

Professional drivers have reported they are as busy as ever transporting goods locally and across the country. 

The new year is around the corner and with the pandemic still over our heads, people are searching for a viable job to make money until the world gets back to normal.

At CDL University, we train students how to safely and efficiently drive a tractor-trailer semi truck. 

During the four weeks of Class A CDL training, students are taught the know-how to go out in the trucking industry and make great money. 

Several of CDL University’s graduates have earned their CDL to simply earn extra cash during the pandemic. 

They’ve reported back to us that they have been saving as much of their earnings as possible to be in a more comfortable living situation on the other end of COVID-19. 

We believe it’s a brilliant thing to do when the future is so uncertain. 

Local and over-the-road truck drivers follow the Center for Diseases and Control recommendations to keep themselves and their family safe.

How Much Can I Earn as a Professional Truck Driver After Earning my CDL?

Your training matters when you land that driving job!

When you land that perfect trucking job, your new employer will stick you in a truck and test you on just how well of a truck driver you are. 

If you’ve not had the proper training, you will be unable to hide it. 

You may have that CDL, but the real world of truck driving involves more than just passing a test. 

Your employer wants to know that you are a safe driver above anything else. 

If you’ve not been trained to recognize when a dangerous situation could arise on the road, you are unlikely to keep that job you worked hard to get. 

Earning your CDL with help from CDL University puts you in a place where that won’t be the case. 

CDL University’s graduates report that after training they feel the training they received over-prepared them for the CDL test. 

professional truck driver blog banner with cdl university graduate

At CDL University, that’s the goal.

CDL University’s truck driving school is focused on training students to be the safest and most efficient driver on the road. 

Trucking companies take notice.

With proper training, CDL University graduates earn over $60,000 a year right out of training. 

The small investment in yourself can help you earn and save more than you ever could with any other profession out there all while staying safe during the pandemic.

To enroll at CDL University, stop by anytime Monday – Friday between 8am-5pm. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call the enrollment office at 405-702-4333.

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