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CDL Permit CLass

CDL Permit Class start dates vary. Contact us for more information by using the form below.

2120 S Prospect Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

What is a Commercial Driver's License?

The commercial driver’s license is the qualification our students achieve upon completion of our CDL training course in Oklahoma. It is the licensing required to show that you are a competent and trained truck driver in the United States.

What Type of Commercial Driver's License Do I Need?

The type of license you seek as a professional truck driver will depend on your chosen career path and designated carrier duties! The CDL Class A is the most popular license required by OTR or over the road and qualified truck drivers.

Do I really Need My Commercial Driver's License to work?

Every person who operates a truck on the roads in the States is required by law to possess a CDL.

What is the Difference Between a Class A CDL and Class B CDL?