CDL Study Buddies Help You Earn your CDL Quicker

Finding the right CDL study buddy helps you maximize your investment and time.

Driving is a skill that you can acquire from family and friends or by just watching them drive. 

However, it is very important that you learn the basics from a certified driving school. 

Learning from accredited and professional driving schools will help you build a very strong foundation in driving. This will help you prevent injury, accidents, and more. 

However, driving a normal vehicle is different from driving commercial motor vehicles. 

Earning Your Commercial Driver’s License Requires the Right CDL Study Buddy

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Truck driving is more complex. You can only master the skill required to drive a semi truck in a truck driving school. 

As a truck driver or potential truck driver, the most important license you need is a Commercial Driver’s License. 

This license, CDL, comes with a wide range of benefits. That is to say, you can only enjoy it when you attain one.

You must learn how to drive from a reliable truck driving school and pass the CDL exam. 

Passing all of the CDL A practice tests is a prerequisite for becoming a professional truck driver. 

Hence, if you want to get to work fast and start earning some huge cash, you need to get your license as quickly as possible. 

There is a lot in store for truck drivers with a CDL. 

There is a huge market for them out there, as statistics show a significant shortage in truck drivers over the past few years. 

In 2019, Canada reported a shortage of about 25,000 truck drivers. In that same year, the United States reported a whopping shortage of about 60,000 drivers. 

This shows there is a significant demand for truck drivers with CDL in Oklahoma.  

Professional Truck Driver CDL Classes

These courses are specially designed to help you get through the process of acquiring your CDL with ease. 

They provide thorough practical training to help students learn all the basic aspects of truck driving. 

CDL University is Oklahoma’s best truck driving school.

It’s instructors will provide you with a complete knowledge base of everything you need to hit the road

They begin by helping you earn your learner’s permit which includes the general knowledge test and all of the other CDL written tests.

By learning all the basics faster, you will be able to pass your study buddy’s practice tests and earn your CDL quicker.

You need a CDL study buddy to help you get through the process quicker and much easier. 

Short Training Period

When attending CDL University, you do not need to spend a lot of time to get the knowledge and license you want. 

This school has streamlined its training to a short 4 week training period, but you have to dedicate yourself to the intensive learning. 

Interestingly, they have many trainers, which means you do not have to wait for a long time to get a CDL study buddy or trainer. 

CDL University will assign you to a professional trainer that will get you onboard as quickly as possible. 

Within a few weeks, you will learn much more than many of your peers in other truck driving schools. 

Laws Requiring CDL Training

For you to attain a CDL, you need CDL training, which means you need to attend a CDL truck driving school. 

A CDL is very important, and you need it to drive the following vehicles:

  • Any combination of vehicles or single vehicle with a GCWR of 26,0001 pounds or more and can tow vehicles weighing over 10k pounds. 
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 and can tow vehicles less than 10k pounds. 
  • Busses that can transport a minimum of 16 passengers, including the driver. This includes a school bus.
  • Motor vehicles that federal regulations require to be placarded while transporting hazardous materials.

CDL Study Buddy Conclusion

If you want to earn your CDL quickly and easily, you need to attend the best commercial drivers’ school in Oklahoma. 

CDL University has all the resources you need to earn your CDL much quicker. 

It has professionals who are well-trained and experienced to guide you through the process. 

You will not lack any support during the test process. 

From the CDL handbook test questions to the air brakes exam, CDL University’s streamlined training will help get you certified and working quicker. 

As the best truck driving school in Oklahoma, CDL University invites you to experience life Behind the Wheel. Like us on Facebook to Explore America with CDL University’s weekly American Truck Simulator series.