Truck Driver with Commercial Driver Training in 2020

So, you’ve been considering commercial driver training to earn your commercial driver’s license to become a truck driver. Whether it was the monotony of a 9 AM-5 PM J-O-B or unemployment, we’re here to help make your dream come true with our CDL training.

    CDL drivers are in higher demand than you may know. In fact, it seems like there are trucking companies around every corner looking for full-time American truck drivers. CDL University’s truck driving school graduates have a higher chance of success in one of America’s largest industries. With CDLU’s certification of completion, graduates also have a better chance for higher pay. CDLU’s truck driver training is the best solution for a better life.

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Before you can be accepted into our CDL license training classes, you must be a citizen of the United States and you must show proof of residency, complete a Department of Transportation physical and own a valid Oklahoma Class D driver’s license. 

The DOT accepts several forms of residency documents. Some of which include, a recent copy of federal or Oklahoma income tax return, a valid life insurance or automobile liability policy/card with your address, or what we here at CDL University see the most, a utility bill that was issued within the last 60 days. For the full accepted residency list, visit the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

    After you’ve proven you are who you say you are, the fun begins! You need to decide if you’d like to earn your Class A CDL or Class B CDL. Our CDL training school offers both options, but if you’re unsure what the difference between the two are, here’s the basics straight from the DOT. 

  • “Class A – A combination of vehicles where the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle and the GVWR of the trailer combine to equal 26,001 or more pounds AND the trailer’s GVWR is 10,001 or more pounds.

  • Class B – A single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds. These vehicles can pull a trailer as long as the GVWR of the trailer is less than 10,001 pounds”

From there, the learning begins! CDL University’s staff will provide you with the learning materials to pass your CDL Permit Test. Once you’ve read and studied the materials, passing your written CDL test will seem like a breeze. Please note, only enrolled students have access to these exclusive learning materials. 

 With that CDL permit in hand, you’re one step closer to a higher-paying career. CDL University prides itself on offering the newest equipment to train its students. CDL University invests in its students’ success by never allowing more than 5 students per Class A CDL training class and 4 students per Class B CDL training class. 

These small class sizes increase students’ chances of success by allowing them to have more one-on-one time with instructors and more time behind the wheel. After all, in order to learn how to drive a truck, you need to actually drive a truck. 

CDL University’s streamlined CDL training programs are set up for student success. Its Class A CDL Training program is 20 classes with each class being 8 hours. If Holidays interrupt the 4-week flow, the hours will be made up because, in order to be successful in your new career, you need all 160 hours of training. 

CDL University’s Class B CDL Training program is 3 weeks long. After the 3-week CDL training class, you will be primed, positioned and prepared to take advantage of local, regional and over-the-road job opportunities. 

CDL University works with you to find ways to pay for your CDL training. Workforce of Oklahoma funding and Native American funding is available to those who qualify. CDLU also offers the best financial aid in the state. There is nothing holding you back from a fantastic, high-paying CDL job. 

After graduating from CDLU’s CDL training, our expert staff will help you with job placement/interviews. Check out our career page to view local and over-the-road positions currently open. Furthermore, if you’ve had your eyes set on a trucking company, let us know. We’ll help you get connected with the right people. If you want to be a company driver or a delivery driver, you just have to let us know. As a commercial truck driver, you’ll be earning more money than a college graduate right out of school and for the long haul. 

CDL Training in Oklahoma has never been better with CDL University. Become a safe, professional truck driver with CDL University’s CDL training programs. Our instructors teach you how to safely operate a semi-truck aka tractor-trailer, not just how to pass your CDL test. Come see us and learn more about our programs at 2120 S Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.