Choosing the Right CDL School in Oklahoma

When choosing the right CDL school in Oklahoma there are several things to consider. Many Oklahomans looking to earn their commercial driver’s license are doing so to start a career in the trucking or transportation industry. 

A CDL is earned through hard work by learning a specific skill. Professional doctors, lawyers and teachers all take time to learn their skills in order to receive certification. Truck drivers are no different in this aspect. 

So, how do you know you’ll be successful as a truck driver in the state of Oklahoma? 

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Becoming a professional truck driver in today’s world requires knowledge of the trucking industry, time management and most importantly, road safety. 

If you want to earn a great income with your CDL, your training matters. After passing your CDL test, the trucking companies you want to work for will not hire you just because you hold a CDL. They will put you in a truck to see if you not only know how to operate it, but how to operate it safely. 

Owning a Class A CDL opens a world of possibilities with the right truck driver training to back you up. 

What to consider when choosing a training program

Not all trucking schools were created equally. The quality of a CDL training school can be assessed by looking at its tuition cost, financial aid options, equipment, facilities, class sizes, instructors and training duration. 

Obtaining an Oklahoma CDL with the right school can be easier than one might think. 

Receiving paid CDL training is an investment in yourself. It is not a choice that should be made without receiving all of the facts. 

CDL University’s mission is to inform Oklahomans of the facts about the trucking industry and how to be a success after receiving a CDL. 

“We have 5 students for every instructor,” CDL University’s Darin Miller continued. “This gives our students more drive time than all the other schools out there! We ask people to come in and get all the facts. Then, if you would like, we can figure out how to help you financially.”

CDL University’s 160-hour course makes its graduates more hireable. In fact, companies like Sandbox Logistics, Dolese Brothers and other local and over-the-road companies hire its graduates within weeks if not days after graduation. 

If you’re interested in learning how to operate a tractor-trailer safely and land a higher-paying career, come see us at 2120 S. Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.