Class A CDL Jobs You Can Get in Oklahoma

Landing a Class A CDL job requires the right training in Oklahoma.

The truck driving industry is a very large one, and there are different types of jobs you can get with your commercial driver’s license. Even for those that want to work local driving jobs, there are many options to choose from. 

After acquiring the necessary truck driving skills and earning your CDL, you must decide on the type of jobs you want to do with your new skills and license. 

There are three types of CDLs, CDL A, B, and C. Learn more about them on our blog, CDL A, B and C [What’s the Difference and What Can I Do With Them?].

The driving jobs you can do are dependent on the classification of your license. 

Truck driving is one of the few career paths that gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. 

Whether you want to travel around the country or you want to remain local, you can get any Class A CDL job with your skills and qualifications from CDL University. 

CDL University’s Commercial Driver’s License Training

For you to enjoy the benefits of Class A CDL jobs, you need to have the required skills and the right type of driver’s CDL. 

In order to pass the CDL test, you need to have the truck driving skills and knowledge to operate a tractor trailer. This is why it is important for you to attend a CDL training school.

It is possible to get your CDL without a training school. However, it is not a good idea to do that.

A CDL training school plays a key role in helping you obtain your CDL and your success in the trucking industry. They do not only make the process easier but faster. 

CDL University teaches you all you need to know to pass your exams (both knowledge and skill tests) with ease. 

For your CDL skill test, you would need to come with a truck, and many people looking at trucking do not have their own trucks. Fortunately, the best CDL training school in Oklahoma, CDL University, provides each student with trucks for their CDL skill tests. 

Furthermore, people who do not have proper CDL training tend to have difficulty landing over-the-road and local CDL jobs.

Class A CDL Jobs You Can Get in Oklahoma truck driver blog

Here are the different types of jobs you can do with your truck driving skills and commercial driver’s license:

Class A CDL Job – Long-Haul Cargo Truck Driver

This option is for on-the-road (OTR) drivers. Both local and OTR truck driving are great, as they come with many benefits.  OTR comes with a higher paycheck but it takes far away; it is best for those that love traveling. This option is for those that love driving cargos for the long hauls within a specific region or across the country. 

Local Truck Driver

This is our major focus on this article. This truck driving job is for those that do not like long-distance driving or those that want to work very close to their family. As a local truck driver, you can drive a delivery truck, transportation service, school bus, and more. 

CDL University graduates have reported making over $60k right out of training driving locally. 


Many Class A CDL job holders out there are working non-trucking jobs in the industry. Not every Class A CDL holder is behind the wheels and moving from one place to another. With your Class A CDL, you can work as a dispatcher. The role of a dispatcher is very important in any trucking company, and you can work behind a desk instead of behind the wheel. 

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Many truck drivers also earn a commercial driver’s license to do large-load and heavy equipment hauling with trailers and flatbed trucks. This is a specialized field, and it requires a lot of training, including safety training. 

Class A CDL Job – Bus Driver [Additional Endorsements Required]

With your skills and commercial driver’s license, you can become a professional bus driver. You can drive city transit, cross-country, cross-state, and school buses. This field is highly lucrative, as you can make a whole lot of money from it. The demand for professional bus drivers is very high, which means there is always a job for you in this field. Jobs in this field may require additional endorsements.

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