Obtaining an Oklahoma CDL in a Month or Less

Quickly earning an Oklahoma CDL (commercial driver’s license) begins with attending a truck driving school in Oklahoma City.

Students who’ve received professional training in Oklahoma are significantly more likely to succeed in the trucking industry. Naturally, trucking companies hire those who are less of a safety risk. 

By receiving proper CDL training, you will have enough time behind the wheel to learn everything you need to know about safety, maneuvers, best practices, and regulations.

However, in the state of Oklahoma, not all trucking schools are created equal. 

When you attend a truck driving school, you aren’t just paying the school to help you pass the general knowledge test or CDL driving test. You’re investing in your long-term success in a new industry.

Factors to consider when choosing who to trust for your truck driver training, span from tuition costs to class sizes, commercial motor vehicles used for training and job placement assistance.

oklahoma cdl tractor-trailer semi truck

CDL University’s mission is to set the facts straight for Oklahomans.

“We’re going to tell you the truth,” CDL University’s Darin Miller says. “Sometimes there may be parts of the truth that are a little bit ugly, but it is the truth.”

Learning to operate a tractor-trailer semi-truck takes ample drive time, pinpoint pre-trip inspection instruction, precise air brake tips and patient instructors on a combination of vehicles.

After Enrollment at CDL University

After enrolling in CDL University’s license training classes, students can expect to earn their Oklahoma CDL in a month or less with our streamlined professional truck driver institute curriculum and hands-on training. 

You can learn more about the CDL classes CDL University offers here.

CDL University offers 35-minute information sessions for prospective students. In these sessions, they learn everything they need to know to make a good decision for themselves when it comes to obtaining a CDL and starting their career in the trucking industry

Currently, CDL University is by appointment only. Call 405-702-4333 to schedule your informational appointment. Appointments are free and will not affect your credit.