Easy CDL Training at CDL University

Easy CDL training is possible with CDL University’s streamlined curriculum. 

CDL University’s 160-hour training teaches you everything you need to know to pass the commercial driver’s license test. 

The 160-hour training program equates to 6 months’ experience. Trucking companies love hiring CDL University graduates because they see the CDLU difference. 

Enrolling in CDL University’s Easy CDL Training

In order to enroll at CDL University, you need your commercial learner’s permit (CLP). 

CDL University’s online CLP class teaches you what to expect when taking the test. 

The online curriculum allows you to learn at your own pace. Enroll in CDL University’s CDL Prep Course to get started on your CDL earning journey.

easy cdl training

Once you have your learner’s permit, you can begin your hands-on commercial driver’s license training. 

To enroll in CDL classes, visit CDL University at 2120 S. Prospect Avenue in Oklahoma City. We accept walk-ins; however, you can also schedule an appointment

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CDL University is the original home of small class sizes to help you enter the trucking industry as a confident and capable truck driver. 

In order to pass the CDL test, you need professional training in Oklahoma. Some schools in Oklahoma don’t teach you everything you need to know to be successful. 

It is highly recommended that you ask the right questions before you commit to a school. 

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Attend CDL University to learn how to drive a truck and earn your Class A CDL. From the pre-trip inspection to the practice CDL exams, CDL University’s truck training helps you succeed.

Contact our truck driving school to learn more about our CDL classes today!