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Obtaining proper CDL preparation can throw people into the deepest parts of the internet and still come up misinformed.

The truth is, people need hands-on training if they are going to be successful in passing the commercial driver’s license test. 

From the air brakes test to the driver’s license general knowledge test, the questions and answers online lead many people to fail when it comes to the real deal. 

Sure, you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’ve got this, but as soon as your CDL examiner notices you’ve not had proper training, you will not earn your certification. 

Months and months can go by before you even realize you’ve gotten nowhere with trying to train yourself using the misleading information on the internet. 

At the end of the day, that CDL examiner wants to see that you know how to safely and efficiently operate that tractor-trailer without hesitation. 

How can one expect to do that when they haven’t had ample time behind the wheel with an experienced instructor in the passenger’s seat?

Short answer, they can’t. 

Misinformation and limited hands-on training are just two of the reasons one should attend a truck driving school, but not all trucking schools are the same.

What One Should Look for in a CDL Preparation Training School

While accurate practice tests and study guides are crucial to one’s success, one must have ample skills tests before they walk into the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the CDL exam.

This is the most crucial part of your success. In order to learn how to drive that big rig, you must DRIVE the big rig. 

Some trucking schools will stick you in a class with 20+ students and expect 5 minutes behind the wheel to be enough time to learn. 

We here at CDL University simply laugh at that! 

When CDL University’s owner, Darin Miller, opened his school, he said to the staff, “We need to be helpful to the people who trust us for their training. If we are to expect to be helpful, we must do things differently than our competitors.”

Since CDL University opened, it has never allowed more than 5 students in a class. 

By limiting the number of students in a class, each student has more than enough time behind the wheel of the semi-truck to build skills and knowledge needed to be a successful truck driver

CDL University’s focus is to help its students know how to be a safe and efficient trucker because they know its students are attending to start a new career, not just pass a test.

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Passing the CDL Exam

To those not willing to invest in themselves and the proper CDL prep training they need to be successful, we say good luck. 

To those who are driven and dedicated to bettering their future and willing to invest in that, we say, we know you can do it with our help. 

With CDL University’s proper CDL training, you won’t need luck because you’ll have the skills and know-how when you walk into your CDL test. 

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