Success with Commercial Driver’s License Classes

Enrolling in Oklahoma City’s best Commercial Driver’s License Classes will help you get out of that rut you’re in and on your way to a brighter future.

Are you ready for more out of life for yourself and your family?

Invest your time, effort and money educating yourself for a higher-paying career and better benefits.

Earning a commercial driver’s license has helped dozens of Oklahomans out of their ruts.

In fact, many CDL University graduates report earning over a $60k/starting salary right out of truck driver training.

Your success in earning your Oklahoma CDL depends greatly on your CDL training.

Not only does your success in obtaining that CDL depend on your training, your career in the trucking industry does too.

Finding a professional driving job as a commercial truck driver will not be hard if you have the proper skills and training.

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Some CDL training schools just focus on helping students pass the CDL test.

At CDL University, we focus on so much more than those tests.

Our hands-on training has been proven to help show your future employers that you have the skills needed to drive safely.

Several CDL University graduates reported that they were the only ones who actually knew what they were doing at orientation.

Oklahoma City’s Best Commercial Driver’s License Classes

Becoming a modern, American truck driver in the state of Oklahoma requires an elite truck driving school.

Enroll in CDL University’s training programs. In 4 weeks, you will not only have the training needed to obtain your license, you will know how to safely operate a tractor trailer.

We would love to help you succeed in the trucking industry with our CDL classes.

Our school offers free information sessions to those who are interested. Our CDL school is located at 2120 S. Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129. Call to schedule your appointment at 405-702-4333.