How to Get a CDL in Oklahoma

The year 2020 has shown to be a financially difficult one for many people leading them to wonder how they get a CDL in Oklahoma. 

The decision to switch careers isn’t one taken lightly. Whether they are worried about their own future or the wellbeing of their families, many Oklahomans have been looking at the most stable industries to get into. 

Many are finding that no matter how you look at it, most if not all industries include transportation. 

From grocery stores, retail, hospitals and restaurants they all depend on truck drivers to deliver goods, medical supplies and produce. 

The state of Oklahoma is in need of more truck drivers than ever before with the recent change in consumer habits.

Why should I choose to get a CDL in Oklahoma?

While some choose to spend 4+ years and thousands of dollars at an educational institution learning a new skill, many are looking for better, quicker alternatives. 

The best alternative to college is earning a commercial driver’s license. 

In fact, many are realizing they can earn more money than a college graduate with far less dept with certified skills operating a commercial motor vehicle. 

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According to CDL University’s Class A CDL graduates, they are earning over $60,000 right out of professional CDL classes with little to no debt.

The Department of Public Safety requires everyone interested in earning their CDL pass a general knowledge test, air brake test, combination of vehicles test and driving test.

In order to receive a Class B CDL, students must be at least 18 years of age, and in order to earn a Class A CDL, students must be at least 21 years of age with a birth certificate to prove it. 

CDL University in Oklahoma City offers Oklahomans the best solution to a better life. 

In a month or less, students learn everything they need to know to not only pass the required tests but become a success in the trucking industry. 

Afterall, that is why they are choosing to earn a CDL in the first place. 

CDL University offers free information sessions to those interested in learning the facts about the trucking industry and getting a CDL in Oklahoma. 

CDL University is located at 2120 S. Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. Schedule an appointment or stop by for more information.