How You Can Start Truck Driving

You must not have a higher degree to get a job that will earn you a good pay pack. Other employment options can offer you high-paying and secure jobs. Trucking will be a suitable job if you enjoy traveling and driving. Besides being satisfied with the adventures and fun, you will always be in demand. You will earn a high income, which increases as you gain more experience.

Your love for driving may pique your interest in trucking. However, you need excellent driving skills to work as a truck driver. The job involves overland movement of goods, food, building supplies, and even waste materials. You may transport goods from manufacturing plants to retail outlets or distribution centers. You can also haul cargo from ports across national borders or state lines.

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How You Can Start Truck Driving in Oklahoma

A degree isn’t needed to drive a truck. However, trucking requires intensive training. You also have to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The authorization allows you to move freight across overland routes using light trucks or tractor-trailer trucks.

You can learn to maneuver trucks on highways by enrolling in a CDL training program or truck driving school.

You will be taught the federal laws and regulations on interstate truck driving during this period. You will also learn defensive driving skills and how to perform a pre-trip inspection. You must have a clean driving record and be at least 21 years old to qualify for some truck driving schools. Besides, you must pass an alcohol and a drug test.

Some truck driving schools provide a job placement facility that benefits trainees who have cleared their state licensing test. However, you have to pass both driving and knowledge tests, the requirements for obtaining CDL vary across states. You must be 21 years old to drive trucks across state lines. However, some states allow 18-year-old truck drivers to move goods within the state.

When you receive a CDL, you have to get an endorsement to show that you can handle a specialized vehicle type. Truck drivers should possess a hazardous materials endorsement (H), which authorizes them to transport harmful materials. Besides, some companies require truck drivers to complete a medical examination.

You may also show your ability to move or lift heavy freight and load or unload trailers. In addition to excellent driving skills, many companies search for truck drivers who can make wise and safe choices while on the road. Hiring a reckless driver may result in losses as insurance costs have increased.

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