Increase Your Trucking Salary

Truck drivers earn a great trucking salary. Commercial drivers are always in demand as they contribute massively to the economy.

The trucking career has many benefits, including health and dental insurance. However, skill level, experience, and other factors can affect your trucking salary. Here are ideas that will help you to increase your income.

Acquire More Trucking Experience

A trucking job requires considerable knowledge in different fields, which you can achieve through experience. It would help if you maximized the first couple of years in your trucking career for acquiring expertise in the industry. The knowledge you gain will pay off later when you get a higher-paying job. You have to be patient to amass huge truck driving experience.

Get More CDL Permissions

CDL endorsements can give you more job opportunities, increasing your trucking salary. If you add more CDL permissions, you can operate specific trucks that your CDL doesn’t authorize.

Besides, you can move various types of freight. You must have excellent knowledge of your cargo and highway safety regulations relating to your commercial vehicle.

Consequently, your improved trucking skills and experience from the CDL endorsements will boost your trucking salary. You can opt to transport freight that brings more pay and even drive different types of trailer trucks. Other beneficial permissions that you can add to your CDL are:

  • Interstate CDL Endorsement: You can move loads across the state border. The freedom to operate in various states and haul freight without geographical limitations can increase your trucking salary. However, you can obtain this endorsement only if you are 21 years old.
  • Tanker Vehicle Endorsement: The permission allows truck drivers to move liquid shipments. It will enable you to learn about the essential requirements for the transportation of liquid substances. You will even know how to load the freight and inspect the vehicle for leaks.
  • HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) Endorsement: You will receive HAZMAT certification when you obtain permission to move hazardous materials. This authorization widens your job opportunities and improves your trucking salary.
  • Air Brake Endorsement: You can operate trucks with air brakes, increasing safety on the roads. Besides, you will learn proper maintenance of the air brakes- inspecting them and carrying out repairs if there are damages.
Increase Your Trucking Salary

Earn a Good Reputation

Truck drivers need to drive carefully and make safe decisions on the road. A clean driving record will attract more job opportunities. However, no employer will like to hire a careless truck driver who is likely to violate safety regulations. Such a truck driver can bring down a company’s reputation.

Trucking companies hire truckers who adhere to safety regulations and protect their cargo. You can get truck driving jobs in companies that offer high pay with a good reputation.

Networking is Beneficial

Interact with people in the trucking industry and build relationships with them. You can get better trucking jobs through referrals from individuals who know you. People will recommend experienced truckers with a good reputation they know if there are job openings. While networking with others in your industry, try to gain a good truck driving reputation.

Enhance Your IT Knowledge

Technology advancement led to the regulation of operations by digital devices and computers. You have to keep up with the digitization of processes in your industry. Currently, truck drivers use Electronic Log Book to track their daily tasks as required by FMCSA. Unlike the paper logbooks previously used by truckers, the new system saves time and doesn’t waste paper sheets.

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