Is Trucking for Me and My Family?

If you’re reading this, you’re likely wondering, is trucking for me? Would this career path be healthy for all aspects of my life?

It is no question that trucking is healthy for your bank account; however, that is not the only thing to consider when looking to earn your commercial driver’s license.

You’ve likely discussed the option with your family already, and we’re sure you have some questions about what a CDL schedule looks like.

We’ve written this blog to help answer some possible questions you have. After you read this, come in and speak with us. Our enrollment staff has been helping people enter the trucking industry the right way for years.

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woman wondering is trucking for me

What can I expect in trucking?

One of the most amazing things about being a Class A commercial truck driver is that you can spend time with your family in so many ways. In addition to coming back home to spend time with your family, you would also be able to take them out on a drive sometimes. 

A lot of CDL University Graduates remain local after they earn their CDL. This means they are home every night with their family.

Do you know you can ride with your kids sometimes while delivering loads? This is a fun-filled experience that your kids will love. You can take them out to places they have never been before. They will get to travel around and see cool places they have only heard of and want to visit. This is something you should discuss with your employer beforehand. 

Check here for a list of hiring trucking companies.

Is trucking for me and my spouse?

If you don’t have kids to raise, partner driving is something you should consider. Partner driving with your significant other is a fantastic way to maximize earnings for Over-the-Road truck drivers. While one of you manages your trucker health, the other drives. You’ll be able to cover twice the amount of mileage and ultimately double your income.

Can I take my pet along with me?

Pets are known to be great companions, and they will help to keep you active all through your adventures. Many truck drivers like going on these trips with their dogs. The job gives you pretty much the freedom to do many things. The most amazing part is that it will take you right to the places you have always dreamt of going to. You will travel through different cities, states, landmarks, and more all with your furry best friend. 

Simple Advice for Truck Driver Spouses/Partners

Most truck drivers are paid based on mileage. This means the amount of time you put into work would determine your earnings. Truck drivers need the support of their families to be able to make the most out of their truck driving careers.


The life of a Class A commercial truck driver is not an easy one, but it comes with many goodies and great benefits. There are many opportunities for drivers in the trucking industry, but you need to be trained and obtain your commercial driver’s license (preferably Class A) before you can enjoy those great opportunities.