Trucking Provides Job Security

Job Security with a Commercial Driver’s License

Trucking is a better option for long-term job security than construction and other hard-manual labor jobs.

The trucking industry is certainly more convenient than labor-intensive jobs such as those in the agricultural sector or the mining sector.

You are not required to exert extensive strength to fulfill your tasks. All you need to do is be proficient in driving the truck appropriately and covering the safety aspects of the road.

Construction and other labor-intensive jobs mentioned above require a lot of energy and expect you to work tirelessly daily.

Pushing your body into these jobs isn’t sustainable causing your job security to be uncertain.

Job Stability Advantages Of Working Local CDL Jobs

There are several advantages of choosing to work as a local, licensed commercial driver.

To begin with, the first benefit that you reap is more family time. Most local truck drivers finish with the consignment by night and can go back home and spend time with their families. 

In contrast, if you were working an Over The Road (OTR) job, you would have week-long consignments in which you would have to travel coast to coast.

Spending weeks away from family is not something everyone can compromise on, and as a local truck driver, you do not have to go through this hassle.

Another advantage is getting off on the weekends. Although it depends on the company you work for, a majority of these companies give an off to their drivers on the weekends.

This way, you have the flexibility to get the break you need after a tiring week and plan things with your friends and family.

job security in trucking

One more benefit of working as a CDL is that it provides you with the opportunity to plan your week. You know exactly when you’ll get done, which helps you decide your action plan. 

These advantages secure your job security in trucking. Your body will not burn out like it would in hard manual jobs.


According to FTR Transportation Intelligence, truck freight will climb 6% in 2021 alone. This is a significant rate of growth when compared with previous years.

As a result, the trucking sector will have to employ new truckers to satisfy demand as the quantity of cargo is expected to increase.

The trucking industry will grow exponentially as more and more people find the flexibility and monetary benefits this job entails is quite appealing.

Additionally, senior truck drivers are retiring, but there aren’t enough CDL holders to fill the void. This means once you earn your CDL you will never have trouble finding a job. That’s long-term job security.

Your success in trucking begins with proper CDL training. 

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