Joining the Trucking Industry is Easier Than One Might Think

So, you’re looking at the trucking industry. No one can blame you for looking into industries that have remained open during a global pandemic.

In fact, the truck driving industry has not only stayed open, but it has also been thriving due to the increase in consumer demands.

Trucking companies are paying new commercial driver’s license holders upwards of $60k a year.

Those new CDL holders are people who know how to safely and efficiently drive a tractor-trailer semi-truck. 

CDL University graduates have reported making more money than they ever had before.

With the knowledge and skills they obtain while in their four weeks of CDL training, trucking companies are taking notice and compensating them for it.

Rethinking your career?

The COVID-19 crisis has caused many people to reevaluate where they are at and their careers.

CDL University’s recent graduate, Megan Henderson, quit her job in a law office to learn how to drive a semi-truck, earn more money and see the country. 

“CDL University is a great school to attend if you’re looking to get the tools and knowledge you need for a CDL,” Megan continues.

“The staff and instructors are friendly and willing to put in the extra time and effort if there is anything you are needing extra help on. I Highly recommend this school!!!”

CDL University is here to help if you’re tired of working in the same industry or if you’ve been laid off due to the stresses of COVID-19,

If you’ve lost your job this past year and live in Oklahoma City, CDL University has funds to help you pay for some or even all of your CDL training. This funding is first-come, first-to-enroll basis. 

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Choose CDL University for Your Training for the Trucking Industry

Truck drivers who have professional training driving a truck are more likely to have successful careers. 

CDL University’s American trucking school has been expertly training Oklahomans for the past 3 years.

In fact, even the Department of Motor Vehicles has taken notice of the CDLU difference. 

CDL University never allows more than 5 students in a class. Only 20 people a month are allowed to enroll. 

These small class sizes ensure its students have ample time behind the wheel of the truck before they take the CDL test.

The United States’ roads are safer and more efficient with CDL University graduates on the roads. 

Join the Trucking Industry with Help from CDL University

To enroll at CDL University, stop by anytime Monday – Friday between 8am-5pm. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call the enrollment office at 405-702-4333.

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