Mark Love’s CDL Journey

Mark’s CDL Journey started in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. He was a countryman that came to the city to learn how to drive a semi-truck. And now, he’s exploring the midwest with his commercial driver’s license.

From meteor showers in Wyoming, snow in Arizona into Colorado, wildfire smoke in California, and traveling through the infamous Donner Pass, he has seen it all. 

CDL journey through Donner Pass
We loved getting these pictures from Mark’s journey through Donner Pass.

Where Mark’s CDL Journey Started

Mark worked 35 years in the printing industry. One day, he told his wife that he wanted to make a change. 

He considered earning his commercial driver’s license and becoming a professional truck driver. 

Two weeks after that talk with his wife about his desire to enter trucking, the company he had worked for closed its doors. 

He was happy to have the final push to start a new life. 

Mark’s father and two older brothers had all become truck drivers, but he had no experience behind the wheel of a semi-truck. 

The Investment in Himself and CDL Training

When Mark told his older brother that he wanted to earn his CDL, he said he was going to help him make the best decision on how to get started. 

Mark said he looked at C.R. England paid CDL training, but his brother steered him away from company contracts. 

He told him that his pay would be capped and he’d be locked into a long contract. 

So, Mark started doing research on local truck driving schools. He said, “You get what you put in, and I was ready to invest in myself.”

After speaking with CDL University’s owner, Darin Miller, he felt confident that he knew all of the “nuts and bolts” that went into earning a CDL. 

He had a meeting with another trucking school in Oklahoma City but told us that they were saying all of the things his older brother told him to stay away from. 

Mark made the investment in himself and enrolled at CDL University. 

In just 4 weeks, Mark learned everything he needed to know to be a safe and efficient truck driver. 

Where Mark is Now with his CDL

After earning his CDL, he went to work for a family-oriented company in Oregon called Combined Transport

Mark said that he truly loves working for the company. He said that orientation for the company usually takes people 6 months, but he moved up in 4.

He said his employers were impressed by his skill behind the wheel. They told him that no one had ever moved up that quickly in the company.

pictures from Mark's CDL journey out in the midwest

Mark said he owes it all to his CDL training from CDL University.

“CDL University taught me the foundation to be a great truck driver,” Mark continued. 

“Everything I’ve learned on the road is built on the things my instructor at CDL University taught me.”

Mark said his training at CDL University was based on real-world situations. He said he is confident behind the wheel in any situation he finds himself in.

Mark’s favorite thing about his new career is waking up with a new breath-taking view every morning. He loves that he gets to travel and see things he would have never had the chance to see before. 

He said he is on a permanent vacation because he is getting paid $8K/month to explore the U.S. and see things he wouldn’t see in Oklahoma.

CDL University’s Message to Mark

Mark, we are so excited about where you are in your new career, and we’re even more excited that you love it like we knew you would. 

We are very proud to have you in the CDL University Family.

Thank you for trusting us to help you make this dream come true, and thank you for keeping us in the loop of your progress.

Darin Miller says it all of the time, we are in the people-helping business.

Helping you succeed warms our hearts. Come back to see us anytime. Drive safe!

CDL University’s Trucking School in Oklahoma City

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