Obtain New Freedoms with a CDL

Are you considering getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL)? The truck driving industry has proven to be one of the most profitable over the past years. With the high level of benefits this industry offers, you are definitely not the only one thinking of getting one. A commercial driver’s license is very important in this industry, as you will not be able to secure a job without one. 

If you are looking to own a CDL, you should know that there are three types. We have the Class A, Class B, and the Class C CDL. These classes of CDL are all different, with the Class A being the highest among them. Each class has its unique testing and CDL training procedures as well as its different advantages and disadvantages. However, the best among them all is the Class A, as it provides you with more freedom than you can imagine. 

Life with a CDL

With the Class A CDL, you can get more endorsements and job opportunities than the other two classes. The Class C has a range of jobs you can do with it, the Class B has a range of jobs you can do with as well, but the Class A outperforms them all. You can use the Class A to do all the jobs you can do with the Class B and Class C CDL. 

Your career and lifestyle will also play a role in determining which class of CDL is best for you. However, the most obtained CDL license is the Class A because of the amazing benefits and opportunities it brings. This license allows you to drive Class A trucks. 

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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Association, a CDL A truck is any combination of vehicles with a gross combination weight rating of more than 26,001 pounds (11,793 kg) and a towing capacity of over 10,000 pounds. This means you can use this license to drive heavy-duty trucks weighing more than 26k pounds and can tow a vehicle that weighs more than 10k pounds. 

If you own this license, you will get more endorsements for driving more specialty vehicles. Here are some of the things you can do with your Class A CDL and not with Class B or Class C:

Drive Tank Vehicles

With a Class A CDL, you can get an endorsement that will allow you to drive types of vehicles containing gaseous or liquid materials. These jobs are profitable and they offer a wide range of benefits. These jobs are also available regionally and locally, and this gives you the freedom to work wherever you want to work. 

Hazardous Materials – HAZMAT

A Class A CDL also paves the way for you to drive hazardous materials over the road. This is another highly profitable job opportunity, and it is only open to truck drivers with this license. The pay in this field is very high and there are so many jobs out there. You can only obtain a HAZMAT endorsement if you have a CDL Class A. You might also need to write a test and go through a medical examination before you can obtain this endorsement. 

Passenger Vehicle

This is another endorsement you can achieve with your CDL A. With your CDL A, you can obtain passenger transport endorsement with ease. With this endorsement, you can drive vehicles with a capacity of over 16 persons, such as a commuter or school bus. To obtain this endorsement, you will need to pass a written and skills test. 

If you want to spend every night with your family and not be on the road, you can pick jobs in this category. They give you the freedom to drive based on a schedule, which means you can choose your working hours and use your free time to do other things. 

Double and Triple Trucks 

You need a special endorsement to drive triple or double trailers. Again, you can only obtain that endorsement when you have a Class A CDL. This endorsement is referred to as the “T” endorsement and it allows truck drivers to tow one or more trailers on the back of their truck. However, you will have to write an additional test to obtain it. 

A driver with the T endorsement can haul two times or even three times more freight. Due to the level of skill and experience required, these jobs are usually higher-paying. Hence, if you have your Class A, you can benefit from this high paying trucking job. 

What Does My Class B CDL Offers

Class B CDL is the next class of CDL in the hierarchy. This class of CDL is also very useful but it does not offer as much freedom as the Class A CDL. You can achieve vastly more things and make more money with the CDL Class A. However, with a Class B, you can drive the following Class B vehicles:

  • Box trucks, such as delivery trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Large passenger buses 
  • Small trailers
  • Dump trucks

If you are going for a job that requires you to drive any of those vehicles, you might not need to obtain a CDL A. However, if you want to enjoy the waves of opportunities CDL A has to offer, then you need to do the needful. 

With a CDL Class B, you can work in more limited geographical areas, which means you can still stay close to your family. 


The truck driving industry is growing at an enormous pace and the emergence of new companies and products has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for CDL holders. However, the best opportunities are only open to the most qualified persons. There is a wide range of benefits attached to owning a Class A CDL. This Class of CDL offers you more freedom and opportunities. You can have the best jobs in the industry, earn a lot of good money, and work wherever you want to work. It also gives you the freedom of scheduling your work and working at your own pace in certain fields. 

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