You Need Paid CDL Training Regardless of Your Past

You can earn your commercial driver’s license with paid CDL training in Oklahoma regardless of your past.

There is a wide range of reasons why you have just decided to earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL). 

There are many opportunities out there for CDL A drivers. Earning this license opens your career options to a series of public service professions. It also clears the path for you to become a professional truck driver for a company or owner-operator. 

With a CDL, you can achieve a whole lot more in the truck driving industry. Many people also pursue this license for financial security, as there are many well-paying jobs for CDL holders out there. However, a CDL is not something you can walk into a store to purchase; you have to earn it. 

There are a couple of requirements you need and things you need to earn a CDL. Interestingly, the truck driving industry is one that does not discriminate. Regardless of who you are or what you have been through, you can earn yourself a CDL.

In your pursuit for a CDL, you should not let your past be your downfall, as it does not really matter. Provided you meet the requirements, which will be listed in this article, you can earn a CDL and make the most of your truck driving career. 

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the requirements of earning a CDL. 

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Commercial Driver’s License Requirements

You can only earn a CDL in any state after successfully completing a written and driving test at an approved or state testing facility. As you may know, there are three classes of CDL – Class A, Class B, and Class C. 

These CDL classes all have the same requirements, with little additions for Class B and more for Class A. For instance, you need a minimum of 160 hours of both behind the wheel and classroom training to earn a Class A CDL.

Fortunately, attending the best trucking school will give you an edge and make it easy for you to earn a Class A CDL in just a few weeks. 

Class A CDL is the highest amongst the classes of CDL, and this license comes with bigger and better opportunities. 

Paid CDL training for your CDL exam is essential for a couple of reasons, one of which is that it is difficult to pass the exam without a proper driver training program because the exam itself is difficult. 

Another reason is that many employers will not employ people with less than 160 hours of adequate training. Hence, you need to put in many hours into learning to earn your CDL. Here are some of the fundamental requirements of earning a CDL. 

Proof of State Residency

One of the fundamental requirements for earning a CDL is providing proof of your state residency. CDL exams are state-level exams, and the state is responsible for issuing the license. Hence, you will need to provide proof of where you live. 


Another vital requirement is to provide proof that you a citizen of the United States of America or you have a lawful presence in the country. You would need to provide your identification with your full name on it. Your age would also have to be on it. 

Drivers within the age of 18 and 20 are only allowed to drive within the same state while those that are 21 and above are allowed to drive between different states. 

Evidence of a Social Security Number (SSN)

 You will also need to provide official documents stating your Social Security Number. All the Social Security Number documents you provide must be original, as they will not accept copies. 

Commercial Driver’s License Exam

Passing your CDL exam is one of the single most important requirements for earning a CDL. After providing all the required documents, paying the necessary fees, and attending a CDL school, you need to write and pass your CDL exam before you can earn your license.

As we mentioned earlier, a CDL exam is somewhat difficult and you need to go prepared. The best way to prepare for it is to attend the best truck driver training program possible. 

Requirement for Different Classes of CDL

Requirements for Class A CDL

  • The normal requirements for a CDL
  • Pass Combination Vehicles knowledge test and general CDL knowledge test
  • Come with a class A vehicle for your test
  • Apply for necessary class A endorsements like double triple

Requirements for Class B CDL

  • The normal requirements for a CDL
  • You will need to pass the general commercial driver’s license knowledge test
  • You will need a class B vehicle for your road skills test
  • Apply for the recommended class B endorsements such as tanks, brakes, and more. 

Requirements for Class C CDL

  • All the requirements to earn a normal CDL 
  • You will need to pass the general CDL knowledge test
  • You will need a class C vehicle for your road skills test
  • Apply for recommended class C endorsements such as school bus, passenger, Hazmat, and more. 

Earning a CDL is very easy when you have all the requirements and support you need. If you get truck driving lessons from the best truck driving school, they will help you through the entire process, including providing you with a vehicle for your test. 

Some other tips for earning and maintaining your CDL are staying healthy, being drug-free, being of age, and enrolling in an approved truck driving school. 

Your history has nothing to do with your acquiring a CDL. Hence, you should not let your past draw you back. Regardless of what you have done or been through, you can still achieve a whole lot when you meet the requirements and earn your CDL. 

CDL University is America’s Best Paid CDL Training

Earning your CDL is an investment in yourself. When you make that investment, you’re deciding that you’d like to earn as much as an attorney but keep your debt low. 

There are a lot of opportunities for residents in Oklahoma who earn their CDL. Check out CDL University’s Career Finder page. You’ll see a lot of truck driving jobs currently open. The page helps our graduates with trucking job placement by connecting them with local and over-the-road companies that are looking to hire. 

When you’re a CDL University trained truck driver, you are a first-class driver. Simply put, companies fight for CDL University’s graduates. 

Here is what CDL University’s graduate Jeff Mitchell had to say on our Facebook page. 

“I have told a few local companies, back when I was doing ‘a’ job search, that I graduated from CDLU, and a couple of the companies seemed like they were ready to fight to get me to come work for them. That continues to tell me how much of a great job your school does. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to go there.”

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CDL University is not affiliated with any trucking companies. Hence, you will never be roped into a contract that will ultimately get you stuck at a company that doesn’t pay you enough. 

Earning your CDL frees you from things in your past. It is a fresh start that only takes 4 weeks to achieve.

CDL University is here to help you be successful in the truck driving industry. Follow us on Facebook to stay connected. We can’t help you if we don’t know you.