Professional Driving School for New Truck Drivers

Becoming a professional truck driver with a vast earning capability begins with a professional driving school; however, not just any CDL training program will warrant success.

Why Should I Attend a Professional Driving School?

Professional driving schools like CDL University in Oklahoma City have professional truck drivers that know the ins and outs of truck driving. 

These CDL Instructors have earned their CDL, and they know how to help you be a safe and efficient truck driver. After 4 weeks at CDL University, you’ll know everything you’ll need to know to pass the driving test.

From private lessons, classroom instruction, and a defensive driving course, CDL University does everything they can to help you earn your CDL. 

CDL University’s certified instructors also help you to avoid certain mistakes and overcome the obstacles they encountered during their time as active truck drivers. 

Starting Your Truck Driving Job

At first, this great journey would not be easy. Many Class A commercial truck drivers said that their first year is usually one of the toughest.

As a truck driver, you need to earn your stripes. If you are new to the industry, chances are you will get the toughest customers and least desirable routes. 

Even with that though, many graduates of CDL University have reported that they make more money in their first year than they ever had before. So, starting a job in trucking is well worth it.  

The first year is usually about putting in the miles, focusing on safety, making a lasting impression, and honing your driving skills. 

After Driving School, What Does a Truck Driver’s Typical Day Look Like?

Typically, a commercial truck driver wakes up by 5 or 6 AM every workday. They check and inspect their truck every morning, do the logs, check messages, and more. They also check safety conditions and weather for the routes they will take for the day. 

Drive to a receiver or shipper and either to “drop and hook” or “live to unload” or “live load.” The day also includes adequate trip-planning, including planning fuel stops, dealing with road construction, weigh stations, weather, and more. You also have to plan your meals, breaks, and rest times. 

CDL University’s Professional Driving School

If you’d like to earn your commercial driver’s license and begin a career as a truck driver, attending CDL University’s professional driving school is the quickest way to do it. 

If you’d like to learn more about CDL University’s graduate experiences, check out Mark Love’s CDL Journey. Mark went from having no experience behind the wheel of a semi-truck to earning just under $100k/year in less than 6 months. 

The investment is worth it if you’re ready to put in the work. Give CDL University a call at 405-702-4333 to get started.