The Benefits of CDL Training in OKC

Paying for your CDL training in OKC gives you control over your trucking career. It is the best way to increase your trucking salary right after earning your commercial driver’s license.

You can demand decent pay and other benefits that you deserve right out of training, and you don’t have to stay in Oklahoma either.

There are high-paying trucking jobs that can benefit you nationwide. If you’re new to trucking, search for companies that offer your preferred trucking jobs and operate the routes you like.

CDL University provides you with the knowledge and driving skills essential for becoming a safe, professional truck driver. You will receive high returns for investing in a solid training program when you get an excellent trucking job.

Truck driving schools are worth it if you opt for one that can improve your driving skills and fast-track your trucking career.

How to Get Entry Level Trucking Jobs after CDL Training in OKC

The responsibility of an entry-level trucker isn’t the only operation of a truck.

With some companies, you have to load your vehicle, follow the chosen route, and unload within the specified period.

Your employer may require you to verify delivery and collect money. Besides, you have to examine your truck for a safety inspection before each drive and afterward.

To gain more experience with your commercial driver’s license, follow these tips:

  • Apply to Many Trucking Companies. You have a greater chance of getting a truck driving job as you send out more applications.
  • Seek Out Mega Carriers.
  • Apply for Apprenticeship Programs. Newly CDL licensed truck drivers can gain truck driving experience from apprenticeship programs offered by some trucking companies.
  • Operate Other Commercial Motor Vehicles. You can drive other trucks that are not tractor-trailer combinations to boost your experience. Look out for lumber yards’ delivery trucks, railroad companies’ service trucks, construction firms’ dump trucks, and even Highway Departments’ plow and gravel trucks. Your Class A CDL permits you to drive these vehicles.
  • Work for an Owner-operator. You may be lucky to get employed by an independent truck owner-operator. The job will allow you to acquire more truck driving experience.

Many trucking companies value the experience gained driving any of the trucks mentioned above. The firms aren’t looking specifically for tractor-trailer drivers but operators of commercial vehicles. Besides, you may earn a better paycheck on these trucking jobs than long-haul truckers.

Though you have a dream job, accepting the available trucking job will help you gain more experience. You can go after your preferred trucking job later after improving your skills.

Are there easier trucking jobs that I can work right out of training?

The most common truck driving job is a dry van or general freight trucking. Considered the easiest, this trucking job is the starting point for most new truck drivers. Due to its high demand, you can quickly get this truck driving job.

The dry van trailers utilized for local multi-delivery work can haul various goods, including machinery and clothing. The dry van requires unique identification and placarding if you use it to move hazardous materials. Except for packaged non-perishables, you can’t use such vehicles to transport food as they aren’t temperature-controlled. However, they are ideal for delivering complete truckload shipments and less than truckload, LTL, cargo.

Usually, general freight trailers are light 53” x 102” x 110” boxes on wheels. They have sides made of aluminum sheets with plywood interiors and wooden floors. The roofs constructed with thin fiberglass allows light into the vehicle, improving visibility when loading cargo and unloading it. Most dry vans have expandable entrance areas to allow large cargo. Besides, the axles underneath the cars can be adjusted to enhance weight distribution.

General freight trucking allows you to maneuver long trailers at minimal damage to the cargo and the vehicle. It doesn’t require any special skills. You won’t have to worry about temperature control or securing freight as load bars help in that regard. This type of trucking job is suitable for new truck drivers.

It allows you to improve your driving skills and gain more trucking experience. As a result, you will have better chances of landing your dream trucking job. Though the pay may not be high, honest and reputable companies pay their truckers a decent wage. Keep enhancing your truck driving skills while on the general freight trucking job. Your experience can help you to secure a high-paying job.

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