The Best American Truck Driving School

Not all American truck driving schools are the same.

If you’re looking to start a career as a professional truck driver, your commercial driver’s license training matters to employers. 

The beginning of your new career starts the day you have the dream.

Becoming a successful truck driver in today’s climate can prove challenging when you don’t have the proper training. 

When you decide to earn your CDL, spend time exploring your options and getting all of the facts about the trucking industry.  

Truck drivers in 2020 are dedicated, responsible professionals that focus on moving goods across America safely and efficiently.

They spend time planning each drive by keeping detailed logbooks and completing routine pre-trip inspections, ultimately maximizing their earnings.

How stable is the trucking industry?

Online shopping and next-day delivery options have become an important aspect of American consumers’ buying habits. 

Consumers are doing more of their shopping online. This recent shift in consumerism due to COVID-19 has led to more goods being transported and delivered by truck drivers. 

In fact, over 80 percent of the goods in your household have been, at some point in their journey to you, transported by a truck driver.

Americans won’t stop shopping online anytime soon, and that means job security remains strong in the trucking industry.

Approximately 5.8% of all full-time jobs in America are related to trucking” – Business Insider

Where should I receive my American truck driver training?

truck driver with hands on wheel

Choosing the right American truck driving school isn’t easy if you don’t know everything there is to know about earning a CDL. 

CDL University’s mission is to inform those who are interested in becoming professional truck drivers of the requirements needed to succeed past earning their CDL.

After all, that is why you’re investing in CDL training anyway! If you desire a stable and lucrative career driving a tractor-trailer, come learn about CDL University’s hands-on training. 

Located in Oklahoma City, its class a CDL job placement assistance has shown to be more helpful than any other trucking schools. 

Come see us at 2120 S. Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.