The Best Class A CDL Training in Oklahoma City

Over the years, CDL University’s staff has gotten a specific question quite a bit. “Do I need a Class A CDL training school to pass my CDL test?” 

According to a new law, soon everyone attempting to obtain their commercial driver’s license must go through truck driver training.

When Darin Miller opened his truck driving school in Oklahoma City, CDL University, his focus was on helping people. 

With a surge of demand for Class A CDL training around the corner, CDL University remains consistent with its proven streamlined process.

Part of this process includes never putting more than five students in a class. This means students have more drive time for a higher chance of success, both on the CDL test and in their new careers.

“By allowing no more than five students in a class, we have the country’s best pass rate,” Miller said. “Students are able to maximize their time behind the wheel during the three to four weeks they are training with us.” 

class a cdl training

CDL University’s staff and instructors know that in order to learn how to drive a semi-truck, you actually need to drive a semi-truck. 

Miller knew that sticking 20+ students with one instructor in a class just wasn’t conducive to success.

This process gives enough time for students to become fully knowledgeable about how to safely operate a commercial truck with fewer students in a class. 

In fact, CDL University’s competitors started trying to copying its tailored, streamlined process, but all fall short of CDL University’s pass rate. Choose the home of the small class sizes when you choose your CDL School – choose CDL University.

Upon Graduating CDL University’s Class A CDL Training School

CDL University’s graduates are seen in the industry as true professional truck drivers right after graduating. 

In fact, the 4 weeks spent in the CDL University Class A program equates to 6-months experience.

Drivers with their CDL are immediately helped by CDL University’s staff to find driving jobs and schedule interviews. This job search assistance is for CDLU Graduates only.

CDL University isn’t just focused on helping its students pass the CDL test, it is focused on producing the best, safest truck drivers in America. 

Let’s face it, if you’re interested in obtaining Class A CDL or Class B CDL, you most likely don’t have a tractor-trailer American truck sitting in your driveway. 

Let CDL University help put you behind the wheel and help you start learning how to be the best truck driver you can be with its license training program!