The Cheapest Way to Get a CDL in Oklahoma

So, you’re ready to earn your commercial driver’s license. Are you confused about where to start? Perhaps you’re wondering what is the cheapest way to get a CDL in Oklahoma. 

Earning your CDL will help you land a high-paying job. It is possible for you to earn your CDL without your high school diploma. However, your CDL training and practice tests determine your success in the trucking industry. 

Most trucking companies will not hire anyone who has not completed 160 hours of training for insurance purposes. 

After all, landing that high-paying job is why you’re earning your CDL in the first place. By attending a truck driving school, your chances of success increase dramatically.

CDL schools in Oklahoma are vast, but not all offer this important 160-hour training. 

The cheapest way to get your cdl
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CDL University located in Oklahoma City offers the cheapest 160-hour course in the state. 

CDL University’s 160-hour training equates to 6 months’ experience in the eyes of hiring trucking companies.

Earn more money by attending a private trucking school. With your new CDL and condensed 6 months’ experience, you have leverage when looking at hiring companies. 

There are different types of CDL licenses.

CDL University recommends earning your Class A License. CDL University graduates have reported earning more money with this level of certification. 

The type of vehicle matters to which license you’d like to obtain. Read more on the CDL types on our CDL classes page

Other CDL training programs that begin with the written test are a waste of your time and money.

That is why CDL University has streamlined the CDL earning process.

Maximizing your time behind the wheel of a semi-truck will help you surpass the skills required to pass the CDL test. 

That being said, passing the written test is best done outside of the 160-hour program.  

A streamlined, professional truck driving school helps you learn how to safely operate a specialty vehicle not just pass the CDL exam. 

Learn how to drive a semi-truck by DRIVING a semi-truck and gain general knowledge by doing it! 

Instead, when you enroll at CDL University, you’re given everything you need to know to pass the written test. Tutoring is offered if you need help. 

Your 160-hours of training doesn’t start until you have your CDL permit and a seat in the CDL University classroom. 

The cheapest way to get a CDL is to attend CDL University and enroll in its financing program. 

Half of the training’s full cost is required before any educational materials are given to you by CDL University’s instructors.

After you earn your CDL with CDL University’s help, you’ll have low payments for 18 months. 

CDL University’s financing is the best in the state. Payments don’t kick in 45 days after you earn your CDL. 

Learn how to do a pre-trip inspection. Learn how to operate air brakes and a tractor-trailer safely. 

Pass the CDL skills test and become a truck driver with CDL University in a month or less.