The Halliburton Layoffs and Oil and Gas Industry Trends

The second-largest oilfield service company in the world, Halliburton, is closing its operation in El Reno, Oklahoma. Halliburton layoffs affect all Oklahomans. 

It’s no secret the oil and gas industry has been unstable for years in the United States, and this oilfield services firm felt the heat. 

2019 Halliburton layoffs effect all of Oklahoma.

This month alone, Halliburton’s job cuts leftover 800 ex-employees wondering what to do with Christmas right around the corner. 

“It would be nice for the oilfield community to really stop and think about everything in general as a family because we all have families.” Tina Gracia, who lives in El Reno, said. “It’s Christmastime. It makes it very difficult to be able to support a family if you’re not making anything.” 

Oil and gas activity can often be unstable as oil prices are influenced by foreign countries.

This slowing oil and gas industry leaves hundreds of Oklahomans in search of a new career with every passing year. 

Halliburton Ex-Employees Can Receive Help from CDL University

CDL University offers immediate commercial driver’s license (CDL) training to the 808 employees who are affected by the Halliburton layoffs.

CDL University aligns Oklahomans up with the best, long-term career solution, truck driving, as efficiently as they can. 

In a month or less, CDL University’s instructors help those with zero-experience learn how to safely operate a semi-truck. Once they earn their CDL, CDL University helps them land job interviews with trucking companies.

Oklahomans who are losing their jobs due to the oilfield workforce reduction will find that earning their CDL is a permanent solution. 

CDL University offers both Class A CDL training and Class B CDL training. With over 650 jobs available to truck drivers in Oklahoma alone, earning your CDL means job security.

Learn more about the Class A and Class B CDL classifications

Grow from the Halliburton layoffs, learn a new skill and leave hydraulic fracturing in the past. By earning your CDL with help from CDL University, field camp is over! 

CDL University has helped hundreds of Oklahomans over the past few years earn their Class A CDL or Class B CDL. 

Students sometimes say the decision was not easy to leave something they’ve known their whole work-life behind, but once they earned their CDL, it was all worth it.

Don’t let operations to reduce customer activity stop you from landing a stable, higher-paying career today.

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