Truck Driver Assistance from CDL University

Truck driver assistance programs help you begin your career on the right foot.

CDL University in Oklahoma City wants to assist you in becoming the best truck driver you can be. 

Whether you’re in need of a new commercial driver’s license or a refresher course, we help you achieve your goals faster than any other truck driving school.

Truck driving can be a lucrative long-term career if adequately managed. Learning how to drive professionally in an ideal truck driving school will set your career on the right path. 

You will gain the necessary skills to help you secure a high-paying job. Attend the CDL University in Oklahoma if you want to obtain a Class A commercial driver’s license.

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The institution offers the best truck driving assistance to help you pass your CDL test on your first try. You will learn faster and become a professional truck driver sooner if you do what the instructors tell you to do. 

Enrolling in a CDL program at CDL University is a great career decision due to the following reasons:

  • Proper CDL training in OKC: You will learn the details of truck driving and improve your skills.
  • Availability of proper equipment: CDL University provides you with test-ready equipment that will help you excel in CDL assessment. During driving tests, you won’t have to worry about a vehicle breakdown or reschedule the exercise due to such an emergency.
  • More drive time: You will have access to a tractor-trailer for your driving practice and can spend more time on such sessions. CDL University only allows 5 students to enroll per instructor. 
  • Boosts your confidence behind the wheel: You will believe more in your driving ability when using the truck you practiced with for your skills test.
  • Appropriate pre-trip inspection instructions: The instructors’ directives will help you complete your driving skills tests.
  • Job placement assistance: CDL University helps its graduates get in touch with reputable trucking companies both locally and over the road.

Truck Driver Assistance for New Truck Drivers

There should be no shortcuts when you are beginning your new truck driving career. 

Your income will be higher if you pay for your truck driving school rather than letting a company pay for it. 

A trucking company may agree to pay for your truck driving training if you work for them once you complete the schooling. Signing such a contract may be your worst career mistake.

Though you will get paid, the cost of the training will be deducted from your paycheck without your knowledge. 

The company may even remove more than the actual cost of the truck driving school. You will end up earning less than the amount due to you. Unfortunately, the contract may lock you in the company for years, causing you to lose massively.

CDL University in Oklahoma City

As a new truck driver, it is crucial you start on the right path. To learn more about CDL University’s truck driver assistance programs, call us at 405-702-4333.

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment or come see us at 2021 S. Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.