Trucker Health

[Proven Ways Truck Drivers Can Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle]

Trucker’s health is important to maintain. Sitting behind the wheel in a cramped workspace for hours is not ideal for your health. 

It may result in health problems for truck drivers. Due to the nature of their job, many truckers developed unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits. As a result, they suffer from smoking-related health problems, obesity, and sleep apnea.

That’s why we wrote this blog. From the moment you graduate from our trucker training, we want you to have the right tips to help you stay healthy. That way you can stay in trucking longer.

Some truck drivers consume unhealthy meals at diners or restaurants where they get fast service. Some truckers also smoke. The long hours of driving made staying active an uphill task.

Despite the limitation, truckers can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The following health tips for truck drivers can help them develop habits that can improve their well-being.

Trucker Health Tip #1: Eat healthy meals

How can a truck driver eat healthy meals? The demands of their jobs can cause truck drivers to eat sparingly on the road. Though junk foods may be the most convenient and cheapest meal option for truckers, they can cause health problems.

Truck drivers’ healthy eating tips will help you improve your health. If you had to eat out at truck stops, opt for the healthiest meal on the menu.

An ideal option for truckers to consume healthy meals while on the road is to cook their meals.

You can prepare nutritious meals and store them in the truck refrigerator if the vehicle has one. Foods that contain fiber, high protein, and low sugar are healthy options. Stock up your truck with nuts like walnuts and almonds, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and granola bars.

You can prepare waffles, freeze-dried eggs, turkey bacon, ham, and cheese omelet for breakfast. Some meals you can cook for lunch or dinner are:

– Hamburger

– Pork steak

– Crockpot chicken

– Barbeque pork

– Macaroni and cheese

– Grilled cheese sandwich

– Split pea soup, and 

– Tuna noodle casserole

You can also prepare smoothies or shakes. Avoid consumption of stimulants. Intake of energy drinks and coffee will give you a temporary boost of vigor and alertness. Unfortunately, they can have adverse effects on your health. Coffee can cause dehydration. If you enjoy these drinks, minimize the intake.

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Tip #2: Drink enough water

Dehydration contributes to truck drivers’ health issues.

When your body gives you cues that it needs water you are already dehydrated. Water aids the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from your body system.

It can also help you to maintain a healthy weight. When you drink water, you will feel alert and energized.

You don’t have to wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

Keep a container of quality drinking water near you as you drive. Take sips at the water to stay hydrated. Adequate intake of water can help you to stay healthy. You can consume up to half of your body weight measured in ounces.

Tip #3: Regular exercises

Though fitness is a challenge to truck drivers, you should spare at least 15-30 minutes daily for exercises.

It may be difficult to achieve but regular exercises have health benefits for truck drivers. Staying active not only helps you to maintain a healthy weight but strengthens muscles and minimizes the risk of high blood pressure.

Include an activity you can perform in your daily schedule. You can go for a brisk walk at rest stops or when you are off-duty.

After long hours behind the wheels, you may desire to relax. However, a brisk walk will improve your circulation and you will feel refreshed by air. Also, you can add the following workout ideas to your daily activities.

Cardio exercises

In addition to walking, squats, jump roping, pushups, running, crunches, jumping jacks, and shadowboxing is cardio exercises. These activities strengthen the core and abs. Bicycle riding is also a great workout. It exercises your entire body.

A foldable bicycle will be ideal for rides after the day’s work. With a weight of fewer than 45 pounds, you can conveniently fold the bicycle and store it in your trunk. Consider purchasing this type of bicycle to improve your level of physical activity.


Take along a set of hand weights, say 5 to 10 dumbbells for a workout. Hold them while performing toe raises, lateral raises, alternating bicep curls, stationary lunges, and shoulder presses. Though they are small for storage in the truck, the weights can increase your heart rate and help you burn calories.


This activity can help loosen your muscles. Concentrate on your hands, legs, arms, wrists, neck, and back while performing stretching exercises. It is ideal to do stretches before strenuous exercise.

Free videos of workout ideas for truckers are available on YouTube. You can watch these videos to get started on maintaining a healthy weight and improving your health. Besides, you can download a fitness app to help you develop the habit of staying active.

Trucker Health Tip #4: Enough quality sleep

Long-haul truck drivers sleep fewer hours at night. Getting enough sleep is not only necessary for safety reasons but also for health. Try to sleep for 8 hours each night. Though challenging to truck drivers, maintaining regular bedtimes and rising times will help improve truck drivers’ health. Sleeping revitalizes your body and keeps your mind alert. 

Relieve yourself from stress and relax your body before bedtime. Exercises or reading can help you relax. Besides, make your space comfortable to have quality sleep. You will also need a fan to keep your environment cool. Avoid looking at your devices or watching TV before bedtime. The light from their screens can stimulate your brain. Consequently, you will find it difficult to fall asleep.

If you cannot get sufficient sleep at night, try to get quality sleep when you have the opportunity to rest. Close curtains of your truck windows to maintain a dark sleeping area or block the sunlight with a sleep mask. Use earbuds to cancel out noise and avoid having your sleep disrupted.

Trucker Health Tip #5: Wear sunscreen

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can penetrate the truck through its side windows. Excessive sun exposure increases truck drivers’ health risk of skin damage and premature aging. Use tinted windows to block the UV radiation or wear long sleeves. You can also apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

While truckers are on their job, it is difficult to eat healthily, get sufficient quality sleep, and exercise. Fortunately, they can avoid health issues if they maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Now that you have these tips to maintain your trucker health, let us help you earn your commercial driver’s license. Contact CDL University today!