Attend Trucker Training in Oklahoma City

Life as a Driver After Professional Trucker Training

Truck driving is not an easy task, but many people find the lifestyle very appealing. After professional trucker training, trucking becomes a highly rewarding career path. It pays well and the benefits are mouthwatering and very attractive. Many like the flexibility trucking offers to manage their trucker health.

The truck driving industry is a very demanding one, and it has room for both experienced and new truck drivers. 

Commercial truck drivers in this industry are divided into different categories, Class A, B, and C, with Class A being the highest. 

As the rewards are high, so are the demands and tasks. Life as a Class A commercial truck driver involves erratic shifts, long hours on the road, and many miles under those tires. 

Nevertheless, it can be a flexible life as well. You have the option to start working whenever you want. You will also spend some private time on the road, making the life of a Class A commercial truck driver an inspiring and independent one. 

Many truck drivers have the opportunity to live a balanced life by being home each day. 

Other over-the-road drivers do not have such freedom because they spend most of their time on the road, including at night times. However, what is considered balanced is relative. 

Attending a truck driving school can help you to know what path you’d like to take with your CDL.

From full-time, local truck drivers opportunities to top-notch over-the-road company driver opportunities, you’ll have many options to choose from. 

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Professional driving schools are not all equal. Attending truck driver training and earning your Class A CDL takes research. 

CDL University’s CDL training program is unmatched. Its training facility is located just south of Downtown Oklahoma City. 

From the pre-trip inspection to job placement assistance, CDL University does everything in its power to help you be successful in the trucking industry.

What Are the Trucks Like?

As a Class A commercial truck driver, you would be spending most of your time in trucks. Most of these trucks are designed to keep you comfortable even on the longest journeys. Over-the-road truck drivers spend most of their time in an 8’x8’ sleeper cab. 

The latest trucks often come with comfortably designed seats, a bed, satellite TV, and a refrigerator. Most of the trucks feature manual transmission while automatic transmissions are making their way into the industry. 

Passing the Commercial Driver’s License Test

With the availability of all the resources you need, as well as professional trainers, you will be able to get your CDL in less time. 

This is one of the major benefits of attending professional trucker training in Oklahoma City at CDL University.

The requirements for earning your CDL in Oklahoma are laid out by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

In addition to teaching you all the fundamental things you need to know about truck driving, CDL University’s staff will also help you to pass your CDL test with ease. 

If you’d like to learn more about CDL University’s graduate experiences, check out Mark Love’s CDL Journey. Mark went from having no experience behind the wheel of a semi-truck to earning just under $100k/year in less than 6 months. 

The investment is worth it if you’re ready to put in the work. You may qualify for grants and/or in-house financing to help you cover the cost of our training. Give CDL University a call at 405-702-4333 to learn more about CDL school.