Truckers Against Trafficking and How CDL University Helps

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is a grassroots organization. It comes alongside the trucking industry. 

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.

There are 40 million slaves around the world today.

Human trafficking is happening in every state in America. There are hundreds of thousands of reported and unreported victims in the United States alone.

truckers against trafficking

Truck drivers are in a unique position to make a huge difference and help end human trafficking.

As it stands, the trucking industry is 7 million people strong between transportation services, local and over-the-road trucking companies, trucking schools and truck stops. 

More and more truck drivers join TAT’s cause year after year.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline has received 2,692 calls.

Straight From TAT’s Website

The trucking industry has shown they are in the business of saving lives through Truckers Against Trafficking, and the results prove it:

  • Calls into the national hotline have skyrocketed since TAT’s inception.
  • Recovery stories of women and children who were being trafficked for commercial sex are coming in.
  • The trucking industry is partnering with law enforcement in our coalition builds all across the nation.
  • The TCA, the ATA, the NATSO Foundation, the CVTA, the NAPFTDS, NASTC, OOIDA, numerous state trucking associations, carriers, companies and schools have all announced their support of TAT through strategic partnerships.
  • Congress recognized the work of the trucking industry via TAT on its floor.
  • The trucking industry gained global recognition when TAT was included in the United Nation’s 100 Best Practices list to combat human trafficking.
  • Tens of thousands now follow us via our social media channels and are being pro-active in bringing this message back to their companies.
  • Winner of the Norma Hotaling Award for Demand Reduction.
  • Truckers are increasing awareness to the general public as well– through the school system, in churches, neighborhoods, on the backs or sides of their trucks, and at conferences.
  • The FBI, USDOT, OMVE, AAMVA, DHS and the AG’s office have begun to partner with the trucking industry on a variety of levels to get this message out to those who need it most.”

Truckers Against Trafficking Training

Because CDL University couldn’t agree more with TAT’s mission more. As a result, they’ve added TAT training into its curriculum. 

Enrolling in its truck driving school will train you how to spot and react in places you may encounter human trafficking.

The training prepares each student for what the trucking industry entails. 

And that includes being the eyes and ears on our nation’s highways.

Because of this our instructors show them how to report instances of human trafficking the moment they spot it. 

On average, the victims of human trafficking are girls who are 13-15 years old. These girls are often picked due to a visible vulnerability the trafficker picks up on and exploits.

CDL University’s training shows new drivers how to equip, empower and mobilize their TAT training.

CDL University is a proud 2021 TAT organization donor, and it continues to teach each student what to do in trafficking situations.

And you too can donate to TAT‘s cause and help end illegal human trafficking.

Because together, we can empower and mobilize the members of the trucking industry.

Because obtaining your commercial driver’s license and joining the TAT everyday heroes is possible with CDL University’s CDL training.

Come see us for more information. Stop by anytime Monday – Friday between 8 am-5 pm, but if you’d like to schedule an appointment, call the enrollment office at 405-702-4333.

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