The Best Trucking School in Oklahoma City

Finding the best trucking school in Oklahoma City can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect from a trucker training program. 

This blog helps you know the right questions to ask when researching your options. 

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The most important aspect of CDL training is having enough drive time. You simply cannot learn how to drive and operate a semi-truck unless you DRIVE one.

Ensure You Have Enough Drive-Time at Your Trucking School in Oklahoma City

There are several aspects of a CDL training program that play into ensuring you have enough drive time. 

One of these important aspects is the CDL class size. 

If the class has 10+ people per instructor, you will not have enough time behind the wheel. You will spend more of your time waiting for your turn to drive the truck.

Another important aspect of trucker training is the curriculum.

Some trucking schools waste your time and investment by using the first several days of your paid training to help you get your commercial learner’s permit.

Not only does this cause you to have less hands-on training, but your learning is also on hold until you get your permit.

Enrolling in Truck Driver Training

When you’re looking to start a truck driving career, the way you earn your CDL is crucial to your success.

There are trucking companies that will pay for your CDL training. 

This is a terrible way to start your career. Learn more about the dangers of signing with a trucking company on CDL University’s YouTube channel. 

CDL University: The Best Truck Driving School in Oklahoma City

CDL University’s truck driving school is the original home of small class sizes. Only 5 students are allowed per instructor. This ensures every student has ample time behind the wheel.

trucking school in oklahoma city - cdl university

Its curriculum has been streamlined to give you more hands-on training. Before you can start your 4 weeks of training, you must have your permit first.

This gives you extra days behind the wheel before your commercial truck driver test.

CDL University also offers job placement assistance and the best financing in the state of Oklahoma.

If you’re looking to join the trucking industry, earning your CDL with help from CDL University will help you find more success in your career. Check out our blog to know other benefits of Truck Driver Schooling.