Updated Oklahoma CDL Manuals and Where to Find Them

In the process of earning your commercial driver’s license, you will be learning the basics from an Oklahoma CDL manual. 

It is a manual that you will use throughout your truck driving career. While there are several online versions available, most are outdated. 

Learning from outdated manuals can make it very difficult to pass your 2020 CDL test and be a safe truck driver.

Where can I get an up-to-date Oklahoma CDL Manual?

CDL University in Oklahoma City is dedicated to providing Oklahomans with a superior truck driving school

Its curriculum and manuals remain up-to-date and frequently enhanced to help more Oklahomans live their dreams of starting a career in the truck driving industry. 

“We are in the people helping business,” CDL University’s owner, Darin Miller said. “We see on a daily basis what teaching someone a special skill can do to help brighten their future.”

CDL University focuses on student success from start to finish. 

Its curriculum now includes an online commercial learner’s permit course to help Oklahomans pass their permit test. 

The permit is required before any Class A CDL or Class B CDL hands-on training begins. 

The permit’s test questions will be focused on CDL combination vehicles, vehicle air brakes and general knowledge. 

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After reading and learning everything in the CLP online course, students are sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles to test their new knowledge. 

If they don’t receive their permit, CDL University works with them to help them pass their next attempt. 

After they pass the written test, they begin learning everything from basic vehicle control, vehicle inspections to pre-trip evaluations. 

Before you test for your CDL, you must first pass CDL University’s Oklahoma CDL practice tests. 

“We’re not going to send you down to the DMV to test if you’re not ready for it,” an instructor said. “We don’t train students for the test. We train students for the thousands of miles ahead in their new careers.”

If you’re interested in earning your CDL and starting a career in the trucking industry, give us a call at 405-702-4333 and come see us at 2120 S. Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.